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The SAIC Center for Sustainability is a grassroots project space to meet the needs of the growing population of artists at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) working for social and environmental justice. Through collaborative participation from the school community we aim to cultivate cultural and infrastructural sustainability at SAIC.

Organized by student, alumni, and staff of SAIC - Liana Li, Megan Isaacs, and Francesca Dana.

The Center includes:
- Library
- Collective blackboard activities
- Interactive campus maps
- Meeting table

SAIC Center For Sustainability is part of: Rooting: Regional Networks, Global Concerns, a symposium/exhibition highlighting projects by artists, cultural workers, radical chefs, rural and urban farmers, and small businesses spotlighting creative responses to the extreme environmental, social & economic changes, facing communities.

SAIC Center for Sustainability
SAIC Center for Sustainability
September 2013