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As part curators, we also collaborated intimately with other artists to create resources for the space. These works include:

Architectural Abstraction 1 & 2 by John Morris
Displayed are maps of the SAIC Sharp and Columbus buildings. Corresponding transparencies are projected on the maps to highlight and demonstrate potential infrastructural change that can better suit the needs of the SAIC community and promote a more sustainable future. Participants are invited to change and add to transparency sheets with markers provided. Additional transparency sheets will be added each week to coincide with programming topics.

Redazzle by ChiLabs
This table has been created out of reclaimed bowling alley and aluminum tubing. Working with both the ideas of Razzle-dazzle camouflage and its correlation to Op Art to subtly mask the composing elements and respecting their heritage. Specifically the bowling alley was salvaged, by the Resource Center's Creative Reuse, from the historic Marigold Bowl – a piece of Chicago history. Marigold Bowl was founded in 1941 and was one of the first businesses to openly accept a gay club to bowl on their lanes during the 1970’s. we aim to honor this heritage through re-purposing the material into a functional monument.

SAIC Center for Sustainability - Collaborations
SAIC Center for Sustainability - Collaborations
September 2013