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A salute to Orwell; 8 rules to sustainable tea consumption:

First of all, Buy local teas. Though it is a luxury to taste the teas of the world, as a consumer you can support your local ecosystem and economy through your purchasing decisions. It is also important to consider how regional plants in season are able to provide us with what we need for our specific place and time.

Secondly, Better yet, forage your own. But be cautious! It is important to know exactly what you are looking for and to do plenty of research beforehand. Many of nature’s plants are beneficial to humans, yet there are some that are deadly. Otherwise, you should be aware of any side effects that may occur.

Thirdly, Use herbs that are gentle and holistic. Herbs that are too active or focus on only one area of the body risk disrupting your body’s equilibrium. The use of herbs should be meant to aid the body’s natural functions. Consider your body’s processes as interconnected parts of a whole.

Fourthly, Use re-usable tea bags or strainers. Many teapots have built in strainers. If you are making a single cup of tea for yourself, it is a good idea to use loose tea with a metal or ceramic strainer or a washable cloth tea bag. You get the option of mixing teas.
Try to even do without a strainer. Allowing your tea leaves to float freely in your teacup encourages a more effective infusion.

Fifthly, Add some peppermint or spearmint. Mints pair well with herbs to add flavor to your tea. They also help you relax. When you want to wake up and be more alert in the morning, I have found that breathing in the
steam of peppermint tea does just the thing.

Sixthly, Invite some friends to share your tea with. It is often more fulfilling to enjoy your tea in the company
of others. Have a tea party. Make some cake.

Seventhly, Concentrate on drinking. Take a moment to focus on the simple act of drinking tea. To achieve good health, you must be present and connected mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Lastly, Drink tea daily. George Washington began every morning with three cups of tea. Good health is always easier to maintain than to regain, and the best way to overcome sickness is through prevention.

A Nice Cup of Tea
A Nice Cup of Tea